How To Get Started with Snowflake On Demand

After seeing the power and capability of data warehouses built on top of Snowflake, I'm a huge fan of the system. This is a quick how-to guide for getting started with Snowflake On Demand, on AWS.

Snowflake has seemingly taken the data world by storm….

And rightfully so! Snowflake is an incredibly-scalable columnar database that simply gets out of a developer’s way. Scaling it with zero downtime is straight-forward, managing and scaling it without significantly increasing the size of the team is doable, security is built-in, and more. Snowflake just works.

Here’s how to get started using it.

After signing into your AWS console, navigating to the marketplace, and finding Snowflake On Demand, several options will be presented to you. This post uses Snowflake’s “Standard” product, but you can select “Enterprise”, “Business Critical”, or “Premium” according to your needs. An overview of the products can be found here.

aws marketplace

aws snowflake

Subscribe to the product

Clicking Subscribe from the product overviw page will result in a subscription confirmation modal. You’ll want to click Set Up Your Account.

aws marketplace

aws marketplace

Set up your account

Clicking Set Up Your Account will redirect you to a Snowflake landing page where you’ll be prompted to select an AWS region to deploy Snowflake into. You’ll need to provide your contact and billing information here as well.

aws marketplace

aws marketplace

Wait for the activation email

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll need to wait for the Snowflake activation email. I’ve seen the email activation delay be 5 minutes, but I’ve also seen it be over 24 hours. When you receive the email, you’ll need to select Click to Activate.

aws marketplace

Set up the admin user name and password

This set of credentials will be used for administration, and will be granted all privileges by default. It is similar to the unix or superuser within a Postgres database or Redshift’s masteruser as documented here.

aws marketplace

Enjoy the newfound sense of database freedom

… but also know the fun is just getting started.

aws marketplace

After setting up your admin account there is still a bit left to do. The next post will cover getting setting up Virtual Warehouses, Databases, Roles, ACL’s, and more. So stay tuned!


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