How To Install And Configure SnowSQL

SnowSQL is the command-line interface for accessing your Snowflake instance. Think psql, but for the best columnar RDBMS/ data warehouse instead of the best open-source RDBMS. The following is a quick “how to” guide for setting it up. Installation After logging into your Snowflake web interface, the SnowSQL installer is available via Help -> Download: You’ll need to select the appropriate version for your machine: And install it: To verify the installation, simply open a terminal and run snowsql. »

How To Get Started with Snowflake On Demand

Snowflake has seemingly taken the data world by storm…. And rightfully so! Snowflake is an incredibly-scalable columnar database that simply gets out of a developer’s way. Scaling it with zero downtime is straight-forward, managing and scaling it without significantly increasing the size of the team is doable, security is built-in, and more. Snowflake just works. Here’s how to get started using it. Navigate to the AWS marketplace and find the “Snowflake On Demand” product offering. »

GDPR for Engineers - What You Need to Know

GDPR was approved by EU parliament on April 14, 2016, went into effect May 25, 2018, and impacts any business handling any personal data of any EU resident. Many businesses still do not comply with its regulatory requirements however, and for other organizations the implementation remains a complete mystery. The following is an overview of what the law encompasses, and why you should care. If you don’t have a thorough understanding of what personal data means exactly, there’s a post about that here. »

GDPR for Engineers - What is Personal Data?

We all know that GDPR (also known as RGPD in France) has brought data policy into the spotlight for many technical organizations. As of May 25, 2018, if your systems (both automated and otherwise!) handle PII of individuals residing in the EU, you must comply with regulation. While this enforcement date makes the topic seem like old news, many US-based companies are unclear of the specifics and vastly underprepared to deal with the implications. »

Client-side instrumentation for under $1 per month. No servers necessary.

In a world where the importance of data is steadily increasing yet the cost of computing power is steadily decreasing, there are fewer and fewer excuses to not have control of your own data. To explore that point I instrumented this site as inexpensively as I possibly could, without sacrificing reliability or functionality. I have full control of all data that is generated, the instrumentation is highly customizable, the output is simple to use, and I don’t have to be available at all hours to keep it working. »